…lest you think I crawled in a hole and died…

Speaking of dying in holes, late Saturday night I noticed a strange sound that I couldn’t quite locate. I thought perhaps it was the wind, then I thought maybe it was my refrigerator trying to run unsuccessfully. Finally, I located the sound between the walls of my apartment. An animal. Perfect.

The first thing you do in such a situation, of course, is to Google. This usually brings up the worst-scenario results first, so I got to read a lot about the malodorous effects of decaying flesh on the domestic environment. Sounds like this is going to be lots of fun.

The next morning, the sound was gone, and so also, I hoped, my uninvited hotel guest. Never mind: Sunday night it was back, so I made a point yesterday of calling the guy in charge of upkeep, and he surmised that my new friend is a squirrel who has found a way in and a way out. He bases this on past experience with this building. I hope he’s right; then I won’t have to worry about carcasses on the other side of dry wall.

This situation has yet to be resolved. I will be sure to fill you in on all the details.


Last night I dropped by the taxpayer-funded library (hey, I know, none of us is completely consistent, right???) and picked up Murray N. Rothbard’s Ethics of Liberty. If you don’t know about Murray Rothbard, you should try to get to know as much about him as you can, ASAP. Go to mises.org.

Meanwhile, here’s a taste:


Something big is going down tomorrow at the National Press Club. Ron Paul has indicated that he intends to make a “major announcement.” [Update:  I’m being advised presently by a contact in Washington that this is being overblown and that it is “nothing.”] No one is really sure what that means, but at this point, it appears as though most or even all of the third party candidates for president will be there. Many are dreaming the impossible dream that Paul will spearhead some kind of “unity” (anti-establishment) ticket, but I’m not sure how well election laws would allow for that.

One thing is certain: if the third parties, particularly the right-wing ones, find a way to pool their resources, they’ll be sued all the way to the moon by the JackSss McCain campaign, which would surely suffer from the busting of the two-party monopoly.

Only time will tell on this, but imagine if the third parties are successful at something as modest as getting into the prime time TV debates. Think of what this could do for the political discourse in this country. I can just hear it now, McBama wastes time talking about tax policy, and then someone like Barr or Baldwin jumps in and talks about the depredations of the Federal Reserve.