The ice cream diet: another update

Back in August–in fact, it was on the same day I began this blog–I started a diet which consisted of running, calorie counting, and eating ice cream. I do a lot of eating at Subway too, if only because the calorie counting is made much simpler.

I began in August at 200 pounds on the nose. I am now down to 162.5. My goal weight is 155, which I hope to achieve fairly soon. (Being the superstitious type, I hesitate to tell you what the exact target date is, lest I jinx myself.) I have used a combination of long-term and short-term goals. I try to lose two pounds per week. Whenever I get to the two pound mark, I treat myself to a nice dinner (and sometimes some drinking, too) and generally do not count calories. I do still run, however. I eat ice cream every day, unless something has gone awry in the calorie or the exercise department. I run every day unless I have a literal time conflict. Too tired? I run. Too hot? I run. Too cold? I run. Rain? I get wet. Too stressed? Well, nothing helps that like a good run. Finally, I don’t cut my sleep short unless it’s absolutely necessary. The human body metabolizes more while sleeping than while awake but at rest. (This is the best excuse for falling asleep in front of the football game that I know of, especially if you’re a fan of the 5-4-1 Eagles.)

In short, in order to lose a significant amount of weight, one must do everything that no one else wants to do. Sometimes, when people ask me how I lost all this weight, they don’t like the answer: Eat less, move more, sleep more. You cannot have your cake and eat it, too. This flies in the face of modern consumerism, which even free market enthusiasts such as Albert Jay Nock lamented, Nock having called it “economism.” Henry Hazlitt talks about the unwillingness of most people to set aside short-term gain for long-term benefit instead. That is probably why so many people have trouble with losing weight.

Well, there it is folks. Eat less, move more, sleep more. Have a good evening.

Michael Phelps makes my ice cream diet look like rabbit food

Via Drudge comes this story from the New York Post, which describes Michael Phelps’ 12,000 calorie a day diet.  I got fat just from reading what he eats for breakfast.