Liberty, Death, and the Swine Flu Vaccine

It’s late, and, though I’m an owl, it’s generally not a good idea for me to read scary stuff after about 9pm.  I just made the mistake of reading up on the pig flu vaccine.  There’s a group on Facebook which seems to be a pretty good resource.  Join it.

Many automatons who drift between their cubicles and their recliners will no doubt call some of the material opposing the pig flu virus “fear mongering,” but the real fear mongers are the oligarchy, which has the booboisie worked up about a disease which has yet to prove its muster.  Their stories are based on speculation, but those opposed to the vaccine have established facts on their side.  In 1976, more people died from the vaccine than from the pig flu.  Indeed, already there are studies showing that the present vaccine is causing many problems, including some deaths, and among popular news outlets, only Drudge reported on it.

In spite of the evidence that being vaccinated for this dubious threat is not a good idea, thirty eight states have mandated that all citizens be vaccinated.  How many of us will have the guts to refuse this poisonous treatment, this venom which runs from the altars of the false religions of security and safety?  One need not buy into the seemingly more far-fetched conspiracy theories about government efforts to sabotage public health through the doctor’s needle to see the unwisdom in getting these shots.  Will we have the courage to claim self-ownership?

My generation is accustomed to more “both/and” choices than “either/or” choices.  Life now is a smorgasbord—at least until the economy collapses a little more.  One of the side effects of our wealth—which is not intrinsically a bad thing, but nevertheless plays tricks on our ability to perceive reality—is that we have forgotten that sometimes life offers us tough choices, and we are faced with some dreadful “either/or” moments.  We may be facing such decisions sooner than we realize.  We may have to face the consequences of saying, “No, Mr. Bureaucrat, I will not be injected with your snake oil,” and being hauled off to some compound where we will be treated like dogs but will nevertheless be free in the most important sense.

For all I know, the swine flu could do me in.  So could one of these maniacal drivers in my neighborhood.  So could a young punk out on a gang initiation.  To be free means to take risks, but to live in tyranny is no way to live at all.  If someone feels compelled to take his chances with the vaccine, by all means let him.  If the absence of compulsory vaccinations really means there’s an increased risk for the wider community, then more people will see to it that they are inoculated on their own initiative.  Life is fatal, and each of us meets the same dusty end, but it should be up to each of us how we manage the intervening time.  The genius, vitality, and charity of the human spirit require this liberty.


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  1. Amen! I was not aware that some states were making it mandatory … shivers. No one wants to make waves, or even question any sort of authority, so I don’t see any sort of rebellion being staged by “the masses”. But you can bet I’ll be doing my research before taking any future vaccine.

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