For once, politics might save us

Usually politicians are pretty adept at working together to screw over the citizenry, but with respect to Obama’s health plan ambitions, the pettiness between Congress and the White House seems to be keeping anything meaningful from happening.

This is really good news.  Socialized medicine has not worked in other countries, and it will not work here.  The government is already in a staggering amount of debt, while foreign lenders are becoming increasingly cautious about giving the federal government more money.  Moreover, robbing one person to help another (usually through taxation) is morally wrong.

I fear that socialized medicine would also destroy good relationships between patients and their doctors.  The mutuality will be gone, particularly if bean counters decide who goes where for what treatment.  But not only that, will some patients lose their favorite doctors due to unforeseen dynamics that might take shape after socialized medicine is begun?

The cost of medical care is high, and many poor people—and middle class people, for that matter—cannot afford it.  But perhaps if our economic system weren’t such a sham, if the government hadn’t engaged in inflationary monetary policy to pay for a century of foreign wars of aggression, if taxation weren’t so damn high that a good portion of society works until June just to stay out of jail, and if government intervention in health care didn’t set aside the free market principles that keep the consumer in the driver’s seat, then maybe the charitable organizations—hospitals begun by churches, etc—would be a viable solution to all of this.  In a certain sense, the government has made serfs out of all of us, leaving most of us to feel helpless, and I can’t really judge people for supporting a wrong-headed plan out of desperation.  But seriously, the government proposes to solve yet another problem that it helped to create?  Please.


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  1. Well said! Obama said ‘This is not about me’, then “you’re going to destroy my presidency.’ Aha! – it IS about him – no Narcissist admits Narcissism. But this front-man for international socialism (Soros, Gore) believes his wisdom to be superior not only to contemporary opinion but the lessons of history, as you allude to in your great piece. Good call also for the important place of charities – self-reliant people choosing to help, uncoerced by the clumsy, cold hand of the bureaucrat.

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