The pope on economics

You’ve probably heard by now that Pope Ratzinger has released a document—what is called in churchy talk an “encyclical,” which is just a fancy word for “letter”—which deals a lot with economic subjects.  I have not read the actual document; I have only read about the document and some of the reactions that are happening out there.  Honestly, I’m afraid to look.

If I can get to the end of the document without going apoplectic I might post some reactions here.  In general, high-ranking clergymen tend to get economic issues all mucked up.  Yes, there is a component of ethics to how one uses his money, but how this means that it should affect public policy, etc. is a complete non-sequitur as far as I’m concerned.  For instance, charitable giving is important, but then why do a bunch of nuns in polyester pantsuits then walk around telling us that this means we have to have wealth distribution, which is essentially theft?


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