NYC has coolest June since 1958

Last night I was sitting out on the sidewalk with some friends, and it got downright chilly.  Earlier in the day, I took a four-and-a-half mile run—at three o’clock in the afternoon, in July.  It’s actually kind of frustrating:  I would like to see at least some warmer weather before the wretched dark months return.  And now we see that New York has had the coolest June since 1958.

“So much for global warming!” I’ve recently been exclaiming to my Leftist friends.  But they are unfazed.  I don’t understand these people:  Temperatures get cooler but they insist on this global warming theory, but government getting in bed with big business is deemed “capitalism” and therefore the recent economic collapse is the failure of the free market, in their minds.  Maybe if you turn me upside down and shake me a few times this will all start to make sense.

Scientists have temperature records for a laughably small portion of the world’s history, and further research shows that the Earth cycles through warm spells and cool spells.  In the past there have been famines in Western Europe because the summertime never got warm enough for the crops to grow adequately. There have even been August snows.  So enough with this global warming crapola.  It just gives the busybodies an excuse to destroy the economy and try to make us all more dependent on the Nanny State.


4 Responses

  1. So you’ve had a cool spell in NYC; big deal. Down in Uvalde, TX they’re on a 16-day streak of 100-degree temperatures, part of a 43-day long heat wave.

    A spate of cool weather doesn’t disprove global warming any more than a spate of hot weather proves it. Global warming is about the long-term trend globally, not short-term events locally.

    You should stop pontificating on subjects you obviously don’t understand.

  2. Dear sir,

    I’ve read more on this subject than you realize. The fact is that several studies have shown cooling trends in the Earth’s atmosphere, but they have been blackballed by the EPA and other like interest groups. Moreover, there is significant evidence that suggests that temperatures are far more closely related to sun activity than to any alleged pollution, etc. Finally, those who buy into the global warming/climate change theory have done everything in their power to shut down all debate, and have ignored the thousands of scientists who have registered doubts with the entire theory. The consensus that many want us to think is present simply is not there, and it is the height of arrogance to insist on public policy based on a theory that is so dubious.

  3. If you really understood what global warming is about, you’d never, never, have taken the “coolest June in NYC since 1958” and concluded “so much for global warming!” That shows how little you understand what you’re talking about.

    As for “cooling trends in the earth’s atmosphere,” that’s one of the most idiotic claims made by those who deny global warming. I suggest you read this.

  4. Well, I can see how the post would give this impression, but it is far more than one story about June in New York which leads me to that conclusion, as my first reply to you surely attests.

    If the studies that show cooling trends in the earth’s atmosphere—or I may well have misspoken and these only disprove that there is a warming trend—whatever the case, if they’re that idiotic, then let the EPA tell us all about them so that we can see for ourselves how hopelessly illogical they are.

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