Free Bernie Madoff

Jeffrey Tucker writes a column for that is hard to argue with.  My comment is here.

I’ll confess right now:  I don’t get much pleasure out of getting revenge on people.  I felt sick reading the article about Timothy McVeigh’s execution, and I felt disgusted by the thinly-veiled glee when Madoff’s sentence was read.  The Schadenfreude that occurred in these situations was misplaced, since McVeigh was already holed up in a Fort Knox-like structure, and Madoff is not a violent criminal and—well, just read what Jeffrey has to say about it.

Taking joy in someone else’s downfall:  It’s the surest sign that a man doesn’t know that he himself is a jackass, too.


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  1. Thank you Michael! My inbox is flooded with hate mail about now.

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