Slow blogging, again…

By now you’re probably all accustomed to my frequent periods of silence.  But I am still here.

While I’ve been occupying myself with summer diversions, South Carolina has been looking for its governor, who might be the best politician in the world for disappearing for four days.  Poor chap has to go back to work today, though.  The story even sounded like his vacation was cut short by this non-event.  The rest of the news is also mostly irrelevant noise about Perez Hilton, or about gruesome murder stories designed to boost ratings.  

I was sorry to see one important story, however:  the Metro crash in DC.  I’ve ridden that line many times.  It already looks as if glaring safety omissions occurred there.  But I wouldn’t expect too much accountability from the public transportation racket.  Nine people have died, which is just horrible.


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