A few interesting things from here and there

1.  An English court has ruled that a blogger has no right to anonymity.  Hardly comforting that this is on foreign soil, since the quacks on the Supreme Court have been citing laws of other countries for a few years already.

2.  William Grigg on a cop who pulled over an ambulance that was taking a patient to the hospital.  Turns out this cop, who manhandled the ambulance driver while the patient’s family watched in horror, had gotten back from Iraq about a month before this incident.

3.  Finally, I always knew Paul Krugman was a clown, but I didn’t realize that it was this bad.


One Response

  1. And, sadly, it seems that the Obama camp is doing just about every thing they can do re-inflate the bubble. Not to mention the inevitable hell to pay once the Fed’s expansionary monetary policies catch up with all of us.

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