Pope Ratzinger weighs in on the free market

Thanks to the Young Fogey.  

My comments here and here.

Just so that there’s no mistaking it, I hold Ratzinger in fairly high esteem.  I certainly prefer him by leaps and bounds to his predecessor.  The man is a genius, and in the first twenty pages of his Introduction to Christianity he masterfully exploded all the sacred myths of the historicism of both the Marxist and Whiggish outlooks.  But when it comes to on-the-ground economic issues, Ratzinger sometimes adopts positions that I don’t think are justified.  For all that the man has read—thousands of volumes, really—I think he would not only benefit from but be interested in the ideas of Mises, particularly his critique on the holistic view of society.


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  1. 🙂
    How nice to find somebody who does not hate the Ratzeli. I looked into that “Introcution” which he wrote when he was very young, and I thought it was too wordy. Much later he wrote greater things, more tell-tale if you are out to see who or what he really is. Do you know that as a young man he ran a risk of being declared a heretic? He said that between the Bible and the eternal truth there is always the reader. I think that exactly these were his words, and if that is so, at one point he was going towards some sort of relativism.

    But I don’t know, I am just improvising here, not writing a manifesto.

    You ought to read him on “the position of the alter”. It is online.
    And next on the history of Church art.
    Finally graduate towards history of Church music, where he puts in his heart and becomes most vulnerable because there his vocabulary and his views are like those………

    of a child.


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