Parking Wars

The City of Philadelphia is known to have one of the most tyrannical parking enforcement bureaus in the country.  This racket has gained notoriety from the TV series Parking Wars.  What you are about to see is quite accurate.  In this city, many, many people hate the parking authority:  Young, old, conservative, liberal, black, white, etc.  I’ve known people whose cars were towed in the absence of a violation.  On one night, I watched a PPA tow truck move in and, with some kind of automated machinery, scoop up a car in less than a minute.  In many places the parking signs are confusing.  After all this, the city recently saw fit to raise parking rates in Center City.  The best solution for someone unfamiliar with the town?  Park it in a garage—preferably a privately-owned one.


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  1. Watch this and think universal healthcare.

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