Is the Obama administration looking to raze parts of shrinking American cities?

Via Matt Drudge comes this interesting story.  Dan Kildee, treasurer of Genesee County, Michigan, has developed a plan to level acres of abandoned land in Flint in order to make the city more viable.  There is merit to this thinking, and I can go along with it as long as private property rights are respected:  The land being considered consists mostly in abandoned properties.  According to the Rothbardian theory of private property rights, abandoned land is up for grabs, so this can hardly be considered the worst public works project that a bureaucrat has ever dreamed up.  It would be nice, however, to see all this done through means of private exchange rather than through civic planning.  But I don’t want to cavil about that today, not too much, anyhow.

What bothers me about this story is that Mr. Kildee has been consulted by the Obama administration.  Why?  If a local community wants to drastically alter its landscape, so be it.  But why is the Federal government getting involved?  Do they want to “help”?  And how long will it take before the offer of “help” becomes a mandated change?  

One more random thought:  I just can’t shake the image of General Sherman terrorizing Atlanta.

Just a thought…


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