Texas Cop Tasers Woman, 72

Here’s your latest installment of “Land of the Free,” as it were.  Travis County Deputy Chris Bieze tasered an unarmed 72-year-old  woman after she dared him to do it—which was after he had already shoved her.  Sgt. Maj.  Gary Griffin, the commando in charge of the precinct, said that the taser was only used after the lady became “combative.”  

Combative?  What, did she bring guns and knives?  Tasers are only supposed to be used as a substitute for deadly force when the police feel threatened.  (There is of course this court ruling, which, however does not apply to Texas and which is monstrously wrong and ought not to be recognized anyway.)  Did this pig feel threatened by a 72 year-old woman?  What’s all this claptrap we hear about the “bravery” of our police when they’re tasering people left and right?  Sounds to me like they’re wimps, or that they have something to prove with regard to their….um, masculinity.  Kind of like guys in fast cars or big trucks, or school principals.  

There is a video.  Where is it?  If the cops are so right they should release it immediately and prove to us how this lady, who was pulled over for speeding (another non-crime), genuinely threatened their safety.


One Response

  1. Good point. Exactly how is a geriatric woman “combative” against an armed and trained police officer ? Tasers should be outlawed. Its too convenient of an escalation tool between grabbing somebody and shooting them- or, hey, maybe even talking them into calming down ?

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