Back on my diet

Those of you who’ve been hanging around since I started this blog know that last summer I started a diet.  I eventually lost 40 pounds.  Lately some of it has been creeping back on, so before it gets out of hand, I have gone back to my strict routine—running, and consuming roughly 1500 net calories a day.  I’m already feeling better, and so is my scale.  

Projects like weight loss are never finished; there is always the possibility of relapse.  It’s often tempting to think that once we’ve built a castle, it is done, and we need pay no more mind to it.  This is hardly the case, however, as people with careers in sports or the performing arts can tell you.  Yesterday’s work can be completely erased if you slack off tomorrow.

This would seem to be true, also, in the organization of society.  It’s tempting to read the American constitution or the Declaration of Independence, and sigh about how lucky we are that we live in such a free country.  (This leaves aside, of course, glaring problems in the constitution, not the least of which is Eminent Domain.) Our government, however, has not only neglected to control its size and weight, it doesn’t even own a bathroom scale to check it.  Like a junk food addict, it slowly grows in size until its appetite is such that it is eating half the produce of its citizens each year.  

This is made possible by a lack of vigilance on the part of the citizens, along with the perfect willingness of most people to support the government’s junk food diet when it benefits their favorite causes.  “Principles be damned when I can get something out of it,” most people seem to think. The problem we now face is how to convince people that they’re enabling an obese Leviathan.  Like the fat person that’s afraid to show people recent photos (I know whereof I speak) and instead focuses on pictures from college, most of us are wasting our time by waxing eloquent about the greatness of the political system that was founded here in 1789.

This kind of denial can comfort us for awhile, but sooner or later, we will have a stroke, or cardiac arrest, and then what happens?


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