The “Peace President” proposes an increase of $225 million in military aid to Israel

According to the principles of homesteading, the land which is now known as the State of Israel was stolen and should be returned to those who occupied it before the Western Allies moved in to establish a new State.  A few things should be borne in mind:

1.  The holocaust was a dreadful thing, but two wrongs don’t make a right.  Stealing land only creates more strife.

2.  There was actually quite the fierce debate which raged among Jews about whether or not a new Israel should be established through secular means.  The orthodox rabbis, by and large, insisted that a return to the promised land needed to be effected by God rather than by democratic imperialism. 

3.  Before the expulsion of Palestinians from their land, Jews and Arabs lived side by side in relative (at least by today’s standards) peace and unity.  (Ecce quam bonum, et quam jucundum habitare fratres in unum!)  Jews moved in through the peaceful means of mutual economic exchange:  they bought and rented properties like everyone else.  Thoughtful friends of the Jews will advocate this form of peaceful coexistence, rather than the coercive use of State power to confiscate land.  

The injustices which take place in the Holy Land benefit no one, and the money that the American government throws at the situation only makes it worse.  Barack Obama—in yet another installment in change in pennies, or perhaps, in this case, out and out change for the worse—has proposed an increase of $225 million in military aid to the State of Israel. If you wish to register your disapproval of this policy which only begs for more needless bloodshed, go here.  

Hat tips to Serge and Miguel.


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  1. Well-written, true, and admirably succinct. Tough to sum up 60+ years of disastrous injustice in a few paragraphs.

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