Change in Pennies: Obama’s war drums

I do not mean to say “I told you so” on this one.  After all, when I and others said, “Expect your change in pennies from Barack Obama,” it really required no prophetic capabilities whatsoever.  A simple willingness to take stock of his carefully placed loopholes on Iraq was enough, in addition to the perennial awareness that the State has interests of its own to protect and that its leaders, whoever they be, will work to protect those interests, in spite of any professed political ideology or philosophy.

Related to this, two stories this week caught my eye.  The first is from the ever clear-eyed and intrepid Justin Raimondo.  The second is from Christopher Dowd, who rightly lambastes Obama’s completely idiotic remarks in Baghad, not least of which is the claim that the Iraq War has been a success. (My own two cents:  If the Iraq War had been a success, Obama might not be president today.)  

Any observer who was really paying attention during the Democratic primary saw that, as soon as Hillary Clinton conceded the nomination to Barack Obama, he began backpedalling on all his peace promises.  In this maneuvering he is hardly alone:  Politicians routinely “move to the center”—i.e. lie to their political bases in the primary—during the general election.  Ah, lovely, the all-holy Center, the “mediocracy” where principles, originality, and creativity are vigilantly snuffed out.  I guess Mencken really wasn’t all that far from the truth when he said that in democracies, people eat all the same food, wear all the same clothes, and admire all the same mountebanks.  

Barack Obama was the peace candidate, but he’s looking more and more like the piss president.


2 Responses

  1. Baghdad is the city of walls, have you seen the pictures of the walls? There’s like eleven walls dividing the city into compartmentalized, factionalized day care centers supervised by drones.

    Remember his inauguration speech – We are willing to extend a helping hand to those who unclench their fists…

  2. found a pretty clever twitter

    it’s from the point of view of the state, kinda funny

    thought you might enjoy it 🙂

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