A few words for Richard M. Weaver

Richard Weaver, as regular readers of these pages know, is one of my favorite authors.  It really is too bad that he does not enjoy a wider awareness, but then again Weaver was entirely too thoughtful gain much popularity.  It’s also a shame that there is a neo-con Richard Weaver who was friendly with the Bush Administration.  Maybe we should have a system of retiring certain names the way sports teams retire jerseys.  

I wanted to see last night if there were some kind of Richard Weaver Society, or something like that.  Nothing turned up, but I did find a really fantastic article on Weaver dating back to 2001 on mises.org.  Read the whole thing.

Not unrelated to Weaver (as you’ll see for yourself once you’ve read the aforementioned piece) is a courageous—and not for the historically faint of heart—blurb on the illogical hatred of the South, written by Paul Gottfried.  I myself used to think of the South as nothing but slave owners and NASCAR drivers, but sooner or later I grew up and realized, in no small part due to Weaver, that there is a great tradition of thinking and culture in the South.  I also had a teacher from North Carolina, and he was one of the most insightful people I’ve ever dealt with.  We used to have conversations about the lies told in public school text books about the civil war.  (For now, we need only say that if Lincoln cared about the slaves, he would have bought them and freed them. Basta.)  At any rate, here it is.

Hat tip to Serge.


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  1. […] really, or maybe philosophers. There was a time in my life when I had been reading too much Richard Weaver when I thought all this was just boring stuff on the sensate level. I was a bit too much like Niles […]

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