More mainstream than you think

The other night I was sitting in the bar shooting the breeze with some friends.  Somehow the subject of politics came up with the man to my left.  He started on  a rant that all politicians are laden with selfish interests and that this is why we should never trust any of them.

“And that’s why I refuse to vote for anyone,” he added.

In its own way this is a fine summary of the work of Albert Jay Nock, boiled down to bar talk.  What may perhaps be more interesting is that it seems that there are many who’ve begun to think this way.  They haven’t read Rothbard’s The Ethics of Liberty, and they don’t call themselves anarchists or even libertarians, but they do seem to regard the government as a herd of buffoons which, in its bumbling fashion, continuously proves that the cynicism of the cynics is, well, not quite so cynical after all, since they’re constantly proven right.

What do these “closet anarchists” (for lack of a precise term) do about all this?  They go about their lives.  There is nothing more devastating to Statist claptrap than a bunch of people who figure that they can do just fine by themselves, without troubling to chose which criminal shall pick their pockets.

And so, my friends, drink up!  Cheers to freedom!


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  1. I’ve encountered many people who will talk like this in the abstract, but will also strongly support particular government interventions. Also, government incompetence is often blamed on the idiots currently in office rather than the real problems with politics: they’re likely to think that putting the right people in charge will solve things.

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