The News and Obscenity

I’m idling putzing around the house before I run out to get some things done today, and I’ve got the local Philadelphia news on the Idiot Box.  It’s really amazing what passes for news, and it’s also interesting how even in legitimate news stories the reporters waste so much time pleading for our sympathy.  We should be sensitive to tragedy, but I don’t need to be told how sad something is.

It would seem that there are certain things that are not meant for public eyes.  Richard Weaver points out that the real meaning of the word “obscenity” is “offstage.”  There were many things which the Greeks considered to be inappropriate for the stage, and these go far beyond our present standards, even to include weeping.

Contrast this with the news clown who asked a grieving family member how she felt about the violent death of a loved one.  Beyond the fact that it is a collossally stupid question, it’s simply not a dialogue that should be broadcast all over the place.

Of course, only good taste can solve this problem, so it would appear that we’re quite simply stuck with it.

As a side note, they showed the results of a few polls while I typed this.  Sixty-seven percent of Pennsylvanians are in favor of raising the cigarette tax.  Just wait until all these officious idiots are harassed by the government for some other bad habit that has not yet been ostracized to this extent.  The sin tax is nothing more than an exercise in self-righteousness.

Pennsylvanians are also in favor of legalizing video poker in order to pay for “education.”  So the puritanism can be set aside to make room for a little quaint Fascism.

Isn’t absurdity wonderful?


One Response

  1. So the puritanism can be set aside to make room for a little quaint Fascism.

    Don’t you mean ‘Quakerism’? LOL.

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