99% uptime…or not

In the “real virtual world” of Internet-based entrepreneurship, Web hosting companies aim to provide 99.9+ uptime to satisfy their clients, who in turn have customers to satisfy, and so on.

So imagine my sardonic chuckle at seeing this screenshot taken from the “virtual virtual world” of government — namely, the website of the Social Security Administration:

Those in the know will realize how rich this is on multiple levels. I find it funny that apparently the government computers consider Sunday a day of rest, relatively speaking.

Out of curiosity I actually visited the site just now, before “closing hours.” They’ve closed already. No matter; by the time I’m of age to “collect,” this Ponzi scheme and the websites associated with is will cease to exist, whether the powers-that-be like it or not.


One Response

  1. ive never understood why any government site has hours. one would think they could set up a database for people to deal with in the morning, if they need live people to work over things.
    To me its just pure government BS.
    nott really fair to us night owls either.

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