Transition politics

In the past few days, I’ve obtained functioning cable for the first time in years.  I was actually afraid that this would turn me into a couch potato, but so far it hasn’t come to that.

I do get some TV, however, when exercising on my indoor bike, which I’ve been using in lieu of running outside lately.  Tonight I was watching several cable news channels and indulging in the hilarity that is politics.  Really, the most hilarious part about politics is the indignation that decent people, who should nonetheless know better by now, show when some aspect of politics is revealed to be heaped in corruption.

Here are some fragmented obsessions from the transition period:

–George W. Bush today, daring to speak on behalf of the American people, said that the citizenry wants the Big Three auto makers to succeed.  Not me.  These are companies that have been investing unwisely for decades—for example, paying much more for labor than market circumstances would suggest reasonable.  I want them to fail so that better companies with better products and better service can take their place.  And look at it this way: if they were to go under, the remaining inventory would probably sell off for dirt cheap.  As to replacement parts, well, a savvy businessman could fill that void.  Long live Honda, I say!  (And I should have bought a used Honda instead of a brand new GM car, which is now, at eight years old, a complete piece of crap.)

–GASP!  Caroline Kennedy missed some elections!  The pundits are talking about this in a way that only gives support to my smart-aleky talk about “pious civic claptrap.”  A few talk radio personalities spoke of this revelation as though Kennedy missed Holy Days of Obligation and will have to go to Nation-State Hell unless she repents of her awful sin of not choosing the Lesser of Two Evils.  But since politics is the art of legalized theft and violence, I say that her absences were moments of shining glory.

Kennedy does seem to be campaigning for this Senate seat, something which the Establishment of yore would likely have considered to be in bad taste.  Of course, taste went out the window a long time ago.  Here’s my question:  If Kennedy really is the saint that everyone says she is, why is she seeking to enter the dirtiest profession known to man?  (Yes, politics is dirtier than prostitution, since both the prostitute and the john are engaged in a consensual, rather than a coerced, act, unlike the taxpayer or the young man signing up for Selective Servitude.)

–When did Charlie Sheen become Governor of Illinois?  Sorry, I just couldn’t resist.  In a twisted sort of way, I sympathize with Blagojevich.  He is a politician, so I have no love for him, but the idea that the Federal government should come after him on corruption charges is laughable.

–A number of constituencies which helped to elect Barack Obama are already frustrated with him, which is understandable.  As I said a while ago, expect your change in pennies. Good for the true believers on the Left for holding the new guy accountable (such vigilance always helps to highlight the evils of politics), but I think they’re going to end up being disappointed nonetheless.  George W. Bush broke his campaign promises (humble foreign policy, no nation building…), so did Bill Clinton, so did George H.W. Bush, and so did Ronald Reagan, if I’m not mistaken.  Why should it be any different this time?  And why does the electorate keep coming back for more every four years?  Boycott the 2012 election, I say, and show these people just how much legitimacy this cracked up system really has.

Ultimately, all this stuff is just a big show to me, useful for entertainment purposes only.  Once you’ve read enough Albert Jay Nock, most of this garbage becomes pretty predictable; nor does it seem like a terribly good idea to try to change any of it.  When you’re a jackass like I am, you begin to realize that you’ll be lucky if you just get around to changing yourself.


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  1. Hmmm, well, I want the Big Three to succeed but not at any cost. If they succeed without taking money from taxpayers then bully for them! But we shouldn’t pretend that this was a bailout of the Big Three- it was a bailout of the UAW. If the government wanted to bail out the Big Three then it could simply have gotten rid of the absurd regulations under which they work, such as the fleet mileage requirements, so that they could concentrate on making cars that are actually profitable for them. Of course this would mean layoffs, but that’s going to happen sooner or later anyway.

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