Black Friday absurdities and economism

Early Friday morning, a Wal-Mart employee was knocked over and killed in a stampede of crazy shoppers. Every year this obscenity seems to get even worse. As a proponent of the free market, I find the the yearly Christmas shopping orgy to be an embarrassment, not only because it takes a wonderful system and boils it down to a base, lowest common denominator kind of thing, but also because this rampant consumerism, what Albert Jay Nock would call “economism,” is perhaps the most powerful argument in existence against the free market system.

So why support the free market? In short, the free market allows the intelligent to make smart decisions which are not only economically sound but also beneficial to growth in wisdom, virtue, and all those other largely mummified ideals. But the people who know this were sleeping in the small hours of Friday morning when the nuts were out stuffing shopping carts full of junk.


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