Brothers that refuse to vote separately, stay together?

Last Thursday, I had an IM conversation with my brother, who told me that he wasn’t going to the polls on Let’s Endorse This Murderous System™ Day. Here’s the relevant portion of the chat:

Brother: non-participating, right?
Me: yup
Brother: jesse too
Brother: me too
Brother: we don’t like the menu nor process
Brother: we are in the same canoe
Me: voting = violence by proxy
Brother: here’s a paddle, let’s find an island
Brother: ric is also in the canoe

Three tidbits about this:

  1. Until this conversation, we never discussed politics, at least directly;
  2. He offered his ‘opt-out’ status freely without my asking him;
  3. Though I have no clue how his two friends lean politically outside of their non-participatory stance, based on the little I know, neither of them lead lives remotely similar to mine.

Certainly, I’d like to find out how he and his friends reached the same decision as I did this election cycle. I’d be particularly interested to find out if they would have acted differently if the ‘menu’ or the ‘process’ were different. But I find it interesting — and encouraging — that the four of us arrived the same conclusion without consulting each other.


2 Responses

  1. It would be interesting to know how many people vote grudgingly because they have some antiquated notion that it’s their duty, or privilege or other such thing, or because they think it’s the only way to affect “change,” to quote a word that has of late been used beyond prudence.

    I don’t think the voter turnout in my state ever gets beyond 50%, and if a good portion of those who do vote match my description above, well then we have a system that does not enjoy the real support of too many people.

  2. I disagree with you, and with Michael. The same spirit that planned the Boston Tea Party wanted a representative dmocracy… our system isn’t perfect, but, ever the practical girl- find me a place on earth, today, has a system we can emulate…

    (Is there a concection between celestial music and the politics….?)

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