John McCain should probably just shut up

He’d probably see an increase in support if he did–though not from me, of course.  He’s got a great gift:  the ability to see a fault in his opponent but not to see it in himself.  To wit, he says that Barack Obama’s policies are socialist.  Well, so are yours, Mr. McCain.  Both of you clowns think that we belong to the State.  As a matter of fact, I’d be willing to bet that McCain is worse on this point.  Just listen to his tired old crapola about serving the country by being a grunt in an illegal, immoral war (whichever…..just pick one).

Alas, as a free man, I can watch all of this with some sense of entertainment.  People everywhere are getting excited about the differences between two candidates who stand together on the wrong side of every issue that matters, such as whether or not the State should even exist in the first place.   So, while America gets in fist fights over the peripherals, I will be confident that nothing will really change, that theft is theft and aggression is aggression, and that both of these are the essence of politics.


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