Finding TV’s dumbest show

Here’s an article on TV’s dumbest shows. Surely this must be a tight race. I confess I only watch a few shows, Frasier being my favorite. That one is probably too snooty for most people. It’s frankly what I like about it the most: I get to thumb my nose at all the egalitarian claptrap we constantly hear.

In any case, finding TV’s dumbest show must be a lot like finding the most crooked congressman. I wonder what all this mindless staring at the idiot box does to people. One thing I’ve noticed is that many people are not curious about anything; there is no wonder. In my experience, at least, these same people have a habit of letting the wall-mounted mumbo-jumbo-tron fill their minds with garbage, rather than picking of a book and lifting their minds to greater things.

A friend of mine once said, “Turn off the television and live.” Here, here!


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