Slow posting, et al

Apologies for the slow posting of late.  This is crunch time in my business, so I only get to blog at irregular intervals.  Please keep coming back!

While I am presently elbow-deep in William Byrd’s music, the government is busy screwing us over for a good generation or two.  Strangely enough, the modern liberals I know are more upset about all these bailouts than self-identified “conservatives”  are.  We are in the midst of repeating the mistakes of the Herbert Hoover administration, and the FDR administration.  I saw a cartoon the other day comparing McCain to Hoover, and the intended implication, certainly, was that both are do-nothing “losers.”  That, however, is not the real reason these two clowns deserve to be paired:  In fact, both are economic interventionists.  Hoover, by his interventionism, made the Great Depression much worse than it needed to be, and he prolonged it.  I suspect that John McCain would do the same thing as president.  So would Barack Obama.

“More regulation!” we keep hearing from people.  But it’s the regulation that has gotten us into this mess, the government’s refusal to keep its grubby hands off private enterprise.  Businesses are therefore left to make decisions based on what constitutes the best way to negotiate the law in a non-catastrophic manner, and real market factors get left aside in the gutter.  The answer to all this is to de-regulate.  Even the jobs going overseas are the result of government regulation that make it unduly difficult for businesses to run plants on American soil.

People keep insisting on the government’s help, though.  Friends, the government is not your friend.  It is your enemy.  It is screwing you in the front pocket (taxes) and in the back pocket (Federal Reserve), and upside down, backwards, and forwards.

Oh but don’t worry!  Sarah Palin is a libertarian, right?  Right?????


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  1. I just want to say that I love that you see that BOTH mainstream candidates have the potential to make our economy even worse than it already is. I think that gets over looked a lot because people defend “their” candidate so much they loose sight of the potential threat every candidate holds for us. High props on the post.

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