Barr spokesman: principled non-voters same as fat, lazy, stupid non-voters

Thanks to Tom Woods at LRC for pointing out this ridiculous statement from the Barr campaign.

There is no difference between the wannabe political philosopher who refuses to cast a vote “out of principle” and the lazy citizen who chooses to remain ignorant of the issues, the candidates and his or her government.

Except that the principled non-voter often does a very good job of explaining to his friends and relatives the absurdities of the two-party system. The apathetic voter, on the other hand, still doesn’t know who Dick Cheney is.

This statement goes on to get personal and drops some rather serious, if unsubstantiated, accusations:

As painful as it is to state the obvious: this campaign by the man is no longer about the message, it is about the money – lots of it. Other than in his pocket and in the pocket of his paid staff, where is all the money going?

No one seems to know for sure.

The Barr campaign is asking us to support “liberty” by supporting Bob Barr. A crucial part of Ron Paul’s message, however, is against wars of foreign aggression, and Barr isn’t so solid on that point. Maybe the Barr campaign is so wild today because they thought they had a stranglehold on the “liberty” demographic. Well, tough sh*t for them. They’re going to have to earn their support. Maybe Bob Barr should “write a book and sell it to his followers.”

Go away, Bob Barr. No one needs you.


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  1. bs”d

    There are those who believe that under the current system, when one registers to vote, one is actually waiving one’s constitutional rights as a citizen of the Republic, and becomes in essence a Federal citizen. I’m not sure what I think of that, but the theory is out there to consider. Once the laws are changed in regards to our right to vote, so goes the theory, then we will not be unwittingly waiving our rights, as recognized by the constitution. There are other ways in which we waive consitutional rights, such as getting a driver’s license, using the USPS. This theory refers to “defacto” government vs. the “dejure” government. The defacto government began taking hold after the civil war. Sadly, sone who adhere to this theory are also right wing, racist and antisemitic fanatics, but it doesn’t mean there’s not some truth to it.

    Like I said, I’m not totally sure what to think of this, but the theory has been put out there.

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