Notre Dame football looking for Rosary bead donations

Many, many years ago, there was a local showdown between two high-powered high school football teams, one Catholic, the other public. The game came down to a last minute 27 yard field goal attempt by the Catholic team. They missed. The public high school went 11-0 and into the playoffs.

“What happened? How did you win?” I asked one of the coaches from the public school. “They dropped their beads,” he answered.

I just watched Notre Dame drop their beads. After a fantastic punt return, a Notre Dame receiver ran the wrong route in the end zone, and, despite the fact that he was wide open, could therefore get nowhere close enough to the ball to score a touchdown. The snap of the ensuing chip shot field goal attempt was fumbled.

Here we go again. Ten more games of this.  Notre Dame needs your Rosary bead donations.

Oh…..but now they got the ball back and scored. Maybe kvetching will be the magic formula for this year.

In any case, I have to stick with Notre Dame. They might have a cheesy mascot, but at least they don’t take any State funding.


5 Responses

  1. Dude, bust out your beads for them, would ya?! I’m dyin’ here.

  2. Where’s Matthew Alderman?

  3. I was hoping they would lose that game so I could see Charlie have a stroke, but that is just the mean Protestant in me!

  4. Ha, you know Alderman!

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