Female teen pro-life demonstrators publicly strip-searched by Maryland police

So what? They needed a stupid permit. Big freakin’ deal. Hell, they even tried to comply by moving their demonstration. They were rewarded by being strip-searched by perverts.

But, of course, the last thing we should ever expect is for a cop to be reasonable. The State is not eloquence, it is force. Nor is the State introspective. The prosecutor dropped all charges, but I have seen no evidence of an apology. If a private entity wrongs you, they must make proper restitution, but if the State wrongs you, they just try to brush it off. People observe this and then say that we need the State to guard our rights. Phoooey!

I hope the lawsuit of the pro-lifers is not only successful, I hope that they win a judgment that bankrupts the entities that pounced all over their basic human dignity.


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