I like Justin Raimondo, but I hope he’s wrong this time

But that’s a long shot. This is the journalist who predicted the Georgia fiasco (and subsequent American lies) months if not years in advance. He now says that a strike on Iran is an inevitability.

Are you as worried about the war drum beating as I am? Concerned that your friends and family are going to get sucked into the frenzy? Read David Calderwood’s sagacious column.

Visit LRC.


2 Responses

  1. The theory applies the Elliott Wave Principle, best known as a branch of technical analysis of investment markets, to predicting the tenor of social events in collective human endeavor.

    But… these methodologies aren’t even really that accurate in terms of forecasting market trends. Thus I question whether their application to the study of social events is of any value at all. In other words, why isn’t this junk science?

  2. The New Yorker’s Seymour Hersh has been predicting this (Iran invasion) for years. He claims we’ve already done covert operations within their border.

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