Lew Rockwell on Sarah Palin

Since last Friday, I have been trying my best to get a good sense of Sarah Palin, the Governor of Alaska whom John McCain has appointed his running mate. Some of the libertarian leanings of Palin seem rather encouraging, though she seems to be running like hell from those stances at this point. Several of my conservative friends were more impressed with dumb stuff–she’s a woman, she’s a mother, etc., all stuff that has absolutely zero relevance to political desirability. I’ll take a libertarian single over a socialist mother of 800 any day. Part of me is still suspicious that McCain was playing on vagina politics when he made this appointment, and that is perhaps more unfortunate for Sarah Palin than for anyone else.

At any rate, in the midst of all the confusion, one clear column on Palin has emerged from the inimitable Lew Rockwell. Incidentally, Rockwell delivered quite the speech today in Minneapolis on Ron Paul’s behalf.


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