Minneapolis pigs mace photographer

Police officers once commanded a fair amount of respect in society, but I have noticed that within the past few years, many people have begun to hold rather a disregard for them. These are not troublemakers, but reasonable, good people who have seen cops abuse their power.

Now, from the looks of this article, some of the protesters in Minneapolis are asking for trouble by damaging property, etc, but why would police mace someone who is just there to document the events? What are they afraid of?

From the article:

Marcus Washington, a freelance videographer wearing a “Media” badge, said cops sprayed him with pepper spray twice at Seventh and Minnesota streets.

“I grabbed my press pass, a walked forward with my camera toward police just to film them and they maced me,” said Washington, shirtless and whose face was streaked with a liquid used to flush the pepper spray. “I got delerious and blind and fell over. … It’s still burning because I shaved my head and I have tattoos.”

Again, it bears repeating: this is what happens when the State has a monopoly on force. It reduces the rest of us to mere serfs. From a natural rights perspective, that photographer, granting that his version of the story is true, had every right to respond to protect himself, but of course, if he did that–hell, even if he tried to run away (not that he was able)–he would have been shot.

Only time will tell on how much the news media decides to lump the violent protesters in with the others. If they hate the Statist GOP as much as the conservative punditry alleges, they won’t do it one bit. There are a lot of protesters up there with a message worth hearing.


One Response

  1. I was there, I saw Mr. Washington get sprayed. He was with a crowd of protesters shoving themselves up against police officers, when the crowd was maced. It is unfortunate that it happened to him, but he was approaching the police as the police were dispersing the crowd, which is just not smart.

    What a shame to have such an important message negated by a few anarchists

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