Bill Clinton tells the same 75 year old lie

Last night Bill Clinton wowed the dot com bust nostalgics with his usual charm. There are things about Clinton that I find to be personally likable. He’s fluent in English, for one thing. None of the positives, however, undoes the simple fact that he is a Statist and a modern Liberal. His rhetoric, while false, is masterful, but I don’t think this is the reason people believe the crap he shovels out there. It seems more likely that, having been educated by the State apparatus, most people become reliable Statists.

There is one falsehood which Clinton uttered last night which I should like to highlight. He lamented “more than twenty five years” of conservative dominance, but added that only in the last eight years have we seen the full fruit of what transpires from so-called “conservative” policies. He went on to cite some of the well-known economic calamities of the past eight years. I do not take issue with the existence of the calamities, but I do take issue with the implication that it’s due to a kind of laissez-faire economic policy. This is utter hogwash. The Bush administration has hardly been laissez-faire: corporate welfare, personal welfare, and inflationary monetary policies to support war are only three of the policies that argue against the idea that Bush is a free market president.

This same lie is told about Herbert Hoover. He is labeled “laissez-faire” and branded as the devil for allowing the depression to go on and not doing anything to stop it. But the opposite is true: Hoover began the process of government intervention, and it was precisely this which made the Great Depression worse. Perhaps Hoover should instead be branded as the devil for being a Liberal. In fact, in 1932 a certain candidate named Franklin Roosevelt opposed such intervention, then, of course, changed his mind after he was elected.

This latest Bill Clinton episode is proof that the Herbert Hoover Myth must be absolutely crushed. It is one of the greatest enemies of freedom in our entire political discourse. Unless we start talking about it quite loudly, the sheep with the wrong shepherds will continue to buy the b.s. of the two-sided Oligarchy and assume that they themselves are helpless without the magnanimous hand of Leviathan.


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