Madeleine Halfbright on foreign policy

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Halfbright spoke a few minutes ago at the Democratic convention. She fretted over the Bush administration’s tendency to “embolden the enemy” with its foreign policy. That’s true so far as it goes, but this is coming from the woman who said that the sanctions against Iraq were “worth it,” even though children starved to death as a consequence.

This goes to show you, friends, not to expect real change from either side of the Oligarchical coin.

Throughout much of the first hour of tonight’s coverage there was a strange beeping sound. It sounded like a heart monitor. Is the Democratic party on life support?


One Response

  1. Oh, but Michael, starving children is a wholly acceptable policy. Our enforcement simply varies by nation.

    For instance, in Iraq, we starved them of food.

    In American, we deprive them of a liberal education, instead using our schools to indoctrinate them with Jacobinism.

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