Hillary supporters entertain America with their implosion

Read the comment section of this story.  This is what the politics of demographics will get us.  I heard some clown that the local Philadelphia news interviewed on Saturday night about the selection of Joe Biden for the VP pick say that Hillary was “more qualified” and that she was hoping “for a woman…..”  It was said as if “qualified” and “woman” were indivisible.  As a friend of mine said, these people are playing into every bad stereotype about women that there is.  I know many women who have helped me look at problems dispassionately and creatively; these vocal Hillary supporters are not it, and they are not only an embarrassment to women, but to humanity as a whole.

Racial dynamics cannot be ignored here, either.  One crazy old woman went nuts at the infamous Democratic rules committee meeting in Florida in May, saying that she’d cross over to vote for John McCain and “not for some inadequate black man.”

Ultimately, one cannot be surprised at all this.  The hyper democratic-socialist attitude in this country has pitted various sectors of society against each other to see who can more successfully loot the others.  This applies to everyone.    “Conservatives” like to pretend that they are not guilty of this sin, but truly they are just as bad as the Democrats:  look, for instance, at how right wing evangelicals have lined up behind Republican candidates who promise to make essentially theocratic principles the law of the land.

The interesting thing is that the Republicans always manage not to self-destruct over it.


2 Responses

  1. The one thing I find startling is that Clinton supporters are willing to now vote for McCain. It doesn’t surprise me, however, since Clinton’s politics mostly have more in common with McCain’s than Obama’s with the notable exception of their views on abortion.

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