Learning to program manageable concerts

Last spring, I planned an organ recital that I thought would be really fantastic.  The problem was that I had gotten in over my head and, for a number of reasons, some of which were related to burnout, found myself unprepared as the recital neared and having to cancel it.

I have not failed to reflect on this, and I have come up with a program for this Fall (date to be announced later) which should be much more manageable, and dare I say enjoyable, to prepare for.  This lineup is based on an All Saints/All Souls theme:  I suppose you could call it the elitist’s version of the all-too-common “Halloween concert.”

Henry Walford-Davies:  Solemn Melody

J.S. Bach:  Prelude and Fugue in A minor, BWV 543

Bach:  Alle menschen muessen sterben (from the Neumeister Choraele)

improvisation on the Dies Irae

Olivier Messiaen:  Le Banquet Celeste

Messiaen:  Transports de joie

Hymn:  O Quanta Qualia (assuming there are enough people there to make the singing of it thrilling)

Calvin Hampton:  In Paradisum

Marcel Dupre:  Cortege et Litanie


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