Denver Police break man’s teeth against the sidewalk–after he was handcuffed

A reader graciously left us a link in the post below about Denver’s new concentration camp which goes to a most unbelievable video. Denver Police beat the living crap out of a bicyclist, then lied about it in court–but they didn’t know about the video. Charges of second degree assault of a police officer have now been dropped against the victim, but the police themselves may well be facing charges.

It’s time to end the monopoly on law and order. (By monopoly, I mean the traditional definition of it which means that a business enjoys the legal protection of the government.) The Polizei are not doing their jobs properly. It seems as though they’re either brutal or, having been paid off, ineffectual.


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  1. It must have been a terribly off day for finding ticket scalpers, for Denver detectives to stray from their duty and harass & beat some guy riding his bike. Running a red light–on a bike–give me a break. How did they even notice when they were supposed to be on the look-out for scalpers? You would think there would be much more serious crimes in Denver, other than scalping–much less bikers “running red lights,” for police to be concerned about, anyway.

    These “detectives” are thugs. Fortunately they most likely will be prosecuted for their illegal actions and hopefully serve the jail time they intended to inflict on their victim.

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