Should I get an iPhone?

I can’t decide.  Actually, I’m thinking no at this point.  It seems as if I already distract myself entirely too much with blogging, email, and the like.  How much worse would it be if I had a fancy phone to browse on all the time?  The other factor arguing against these phones is that I don’t deal with all that much correspondence; I actually work very hard to keep my correspondence at a minimum, so maybe this phone wouldn’t make sense for me.

But….they look soooooo cool……..

I can’t help but think like a teenager.  I haven’t bought any cool technology in years!


4 Responses

  1. That is a compelling little column, and it’s quite along the lines of some of my reservations. Thanks for passing it along.

  2. I’ve had a prepaid T-Mo Nokia 6030 for the past two years or so; no contract, no paper, no trouble. Plus the alarm clock, calendar, notes and other stuff are perfect for my use…or maybe I’ve grown into it. Not bad for $30 plus infrequent calls at 10c/min.

    I think the lack of a contract is the biggest plus for me. I’ve never received an envelope from my provider trying to upsell me to a postpaid plan, either, which is another plus.

  3. Mr Ford makes some good general points, but the iPhone, like my BlackBerry, is a tool. It can lead to obsessive behavior, certainly, but no more so than personal computers, and even, as I hang my head in shame, books.

    It’s a matter of priorities and personal discipline. But, if you feel that the iPhone would improve your life in some way, then I can’t see objecting to it on philosophical grounds.

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