The Ice Cream Diet

About two weeks ago I tipped the scales at a particularly infuriating milestone. I was well on my way to erasing a good run of weight loss that I had a few years ago. I’ve been running for awhile now, but I was not doing enough in the food department. This called for new drastic measures, so about a week ago I turned up the intensity.

Here’s what I do. I allow myself 1500 calories, which is the amount a man of my height should be taking in each day. Then I run, which usually burns about 450 calories. With the net calorie total now below the requisite 1500, I eat ice cream–a reasonable amount, that is.  With this strategy I have lost at least three pounds in one week, which is really remarkable.  And it’s not water weight:  I took that off the week before.

“The best part about getting shot in the buttocks,” said Forrest Gump, “is the ice cream.” That’s right. Ice cream is wonderful. What’s more is that it has helped me to lose weight on a number of occasions. Without it, my weight often stagnates. With it, the pounds drop like flies. I suppose this is more psychological than anything else. After maniacally watching calories all day, the ice cream acts as a reward, and as a source of something that actually tastes good.

Next time you need to lose weight, eat ice cream, and be sure to brag about this to all your Weight Watchers friends.


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