Look how far the Republican Party has descended since Reagan’s 1964 speech

This Reagan speech is worth a listen. In many ways it is thoroughly invigorating. I have cooled over the years to many of the policies that Reagan enacted as president, but if most of the ideals in this speech could once again be brought into the foreground of political discussion, we would be much better off. Not perfect, but better off.

I sent this video once to a neocon friend, who had a rash for days afterward. He explained all this by saying that this particular event was a product of Reagan’s “youth.” Reagan was 53 at the time. My interlocutor was 24. Yeah, youth.

Reagan was, for me, a little too militaristic, and yet he never fired a shot at the USSR. Instead, he met with Gorbechev and said, “Let me tell you why we don’t trust you.” That’s diplomacy. Good, honest diplomacy. It’s not the prissy stuff that the Bush Administration makes it out to be.

Anyway, here ya go:


2 Responses

  1. Isn’t “fallen” a much better word than “descended”? “Descended” makes me think of Our Lord (“He descended into hell”).

  2. And not just the Republican Party, but the level of political discourse in general. I know it is clichĂ©, but compare this to the 30-second sound bites and the vapid, empty speeches of today’s candidates. Reagan, Goldwater and those like them were leading a movement to change people’s minds, not responding to the latest polling data.

    I watched this video in the depths of my depression after John McCain clinched the nomination.

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