Prince George’s County Plagued by Police Brutality

Via Matt Drudge comes this story of a small town mayor whose house was raided by Prince George’s County (MD) Police. The police violated the warrant by entering without knocking, and they killed both family pets and forced one occupant to lie face down next to one of the bodies.

This isn’t the first time the PG County Police have overdone it.

It’s time for a new model to preserve law and order. I once witnessed a domestic dispute here in Philadelphia on the subway. The guy was being a real jerk to his wife/girlfriend. Everyone in the car was uncomfortable, yet no one wanted to step in. Finally one man about my father’s age stepped up and asked the girl where she wanted to go. He probably was able to offer her a way out without getting the police involved, a decision that always involves bureaucratic over-reaction.

It was an interesting episode and illustrated to me how a real community can negate the need for any State whatsoever. It’s also reminiscent of Friederich Hayek’s statement that the more intrusive a State is, the less virtuous its citizens become.


2 Responses

  1. As a cat-owner (or, more accurately, as the serf pledged to a feline lord and lady), I was horrified by this story. I must say, I fail to see any real distinction between marijuana and alcohol. Yes, crack and heroin are much worse drugs which ought to be proscribed, but marijuana and alcohol should be legal provided the user is not driving or otherwise using machinery or otherwise engaging in behavior that might endanger human (or feline or canine) welfare. (I always give my cats catnip if I have a cocktail . . . ) These canines are martyrs.

    As one of the landed gentry, I am horrified that my tax dollars are going to pay for such incompetence.

  2. Get me out of this county.

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