Fragmentation and Obsession

Hello friends, this is my new blog. I have discovered an increasing urge to weigh in on many contemporary cultural and political issues, which I certainly can’t do over at the New Liturgical Movement, and for which the Facebook Posted Items section is ill-suited. So, here you have it, the raving lunacies of an elitist (if neither aristocratic nor rich) anarcho-capitalist musician. This blog will allow me to indulge my notorious male-pattern lecturing tendencies without taking unfair advantage of a captive audience. (But I’ll probably continue to do that, too, at least at family gatherings.)

The title is something of an ironical tribute to Richard M. Weaver, whose fascinating book Ideas Have Consequences I have only recently completed. In this work, Weaver contends that we have lost sight of the grounding philosophical or religious ideas which guide our reason. This lack of awareness of our central ideas sends us to the “periphery” as he calls it, where, instead of being guided by our first principles, we obsess on facts and other secondary minutiae. This leads to over-specialization (as part of the division of labor…though I find the division of labor to be a good thing, on the whole) and a whole host of other things. I could not help, being a right-brained musician with very little skill in the “practical” world, but feel a bit indicted by Weaver’s compelling testimony, hence the title of this blog. In truth, in due time I hope this blog will show itself to be neither fragmented nor obsessive.

Finally, the once and for all disclaimer, with apologies to one of my music history professors from about a decade ago: I don’t mean to offend anyone….or maybe I do. Yep, I will probably annoy you more than once, but as far as I’m concerned, that’s good. It’s the good ideas that annoy people, not the bad ones, secundum H.L. Mencken.

So, off we go!


One Response

  1. Mike,

    From one opinionated “elitist” to another – mozel-tov! I’ll add a link of your blog to my mine.

    Joannes Rotondus
    a.k.a. San Giovanni Rotondo

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