Constitutional Democrats?

I keep hearing speakers this week at the Democratic Convention talk about upholding the Constitution. Since when did they care about the Constitution? Which part of the Constitution upholds their beloved Welfare State? And which part of the Constitution allows the illegal wiretapping which even many Democrats in Congress have voted for?

Constitution my foot. Alas, historically speaking, written constitutions don’t work, but when they start talking about returning to the Articles of Confederation, I might consider voting for them.

Bill Clinton tells the same 75 year old lie

Last night Bill Clinton wowed the dot com bust nostalgics with his usual charm. There are things about Clinton that I find to be personally likable. He’s fluent in English, for one thing. None of the positives, however, undoes the simple fact that he is a Statist and a modern Liberal. His rhetoric, while false, is masterful, but I don’t think this is the reason people believe the crap he shovels out there. It seems more likely that, having been educated by the State apparatus, most people become reliable Statists.

There is one falsehood which Clinton uttered last night which I should like to highlight. He lamented “more than twenty five years” of conservative dominance, but added that only in the last eight years have we seen the full fruit of what transpires from so-called “conservative” policies. He went on to cite some of the well-known economic calamities of the past eight years. I do not take issue with the existence of the calamities, but I do take issue with the implication that it’s due to a kind of laissez-faire economic policy. This is utter hogwash. The Bush administration has hardly been laissez-faire: corporate welfare, personal welfare, and inflationary monetary policies to support war are only three of the policies that argue against the idea that Bush is a free market president.

This same lie is told about Herbert Hoover. He is labeled “laissez-faire” and branded as the devil for allowing the depression to go on and not doing anything to stop it. But the opposite is true: Hoover began the process of government intervention, and it was precisely this which made the Great Depression worse. Perhaps Hoover should instead be branded as the devil for being a Liberal. In fact, in 1932 a certain candidate named Franklin Roosevelt opposed such intervention, then, of course, changed his mind after he was elected.

This latest Bill Clinton episode is proof that the Herbert Hoover Myth must be absolutely crushed. It is one of the greatest enemies of freedom in our entire political discourse. Unless we start talking about it quite loudly, the sheep with the wrong shepherds will continue to buy the b.s. of the two-sided Oligarchy and assume that they themselves are helpless without the magnanimous hand of Leviathan.

Madeleine Halfbright on foreign policy

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Halfbright spoke a few minutes ago at the Democratic convention. She fretted over the Bush administration’s tendency to “embolden the enemy” with its foreign policy. That’s true so far as it goes, but this is coming from the woman who said that the sanctions against Iraq were “worth it,” even though children starved to death as a consequence.

This goes to show you, friends, not to expect real change from either side of the Oligarchical coin.

Throughout much of the first hour of tonight’s coverage there was a strange beeping sound. It sounded like a heart monitor. Is the Democratic party on life support?

Watching the socialist orgy in Denver

A certain kind of macabre curiosity came over me tonight when I returned from my run, so I turned on the Idiot Box to see the idiots in Denver.  Hillary was speaking.  She wore the orange pantsuit, which is the color I thought she might pick when I saw the assortment earlier in the day on Drudge.  Orange is so Hillary.  It’s loud, obnoxious, and matches almost nothing else.

I soon came to regret my inability to avoid rubbernecking at the scene of the Democratic demolition derby.  Hillary talked about unity, then Obama, then herself.  And more of herself, and then a little more.  When she finally finished talking about herself (at least for tonight), she went on to a laundry list of half-truths and distortions which support the Democratic-socialist world view.

Helping people.  That’s what the rest of Hillary’s speech was about.  Helping the helpless.  When I was still a Republican, I would always listen to this stuff with a slight sense of fear that I might be converted.  That’s because Republicans and Democrats share the same assumption:  the State is the ultimate guarantor of well-being.  The Republicans do not agree with the scope or degree of the Democratic program, but nevertheless, they will concede a role for the State in this regard.  Now that I have disabused myself of this nonsense, I can now watch with a more casual disposition, and it becomes much more entertaining.

Take one issue:  universal health care.  The Democrats talk about this as though it will save everyone from medical hardship.  Well, here’s a story:  A while ago I was helping a friend who was pushed out of the hospital much too quickly after major surgery.  He really should not have been going home so soon.  But the HMO pushed him out.  My friend happens to be all for universal health care (and for Hillary).  I told him, Look, if you think you were pushed out in a hurry now, wait until the government is running this stuff and is trying to cut corners.  And that’s even before we think about all the people who die every year waiting for medical service under State-sponsored health care.

Talking about this stuff makes certain types of well-meaning people feel good.  But it won’t work.  Socialism doesn’t work.  That’s why the Eastern bloc was poor during the Cold War, while the definition of “poor” in the West includes households that have three Idiot Boxes.

Perhaps the most troublesome thing about this whole spectacle, though, was the way in which the Senator “from” New York talked about the American people.  She made it sound like the vast majority of Americans are utterly helpless, completely at the mercy of fate when it comes to their success–or, more to her point, at the mercy of the State.  God save us from such utter doom.

ICEL, bishops decide not to charge royalties to those offering music for free download

I hereby take back my remarks earlier this month in which I called ICEL and the bishops “tyrannical.” The big publishers may be, but ICEL and the bishops have hammered out a very liberal policy concerning musical settings of the liturgical texts which are made available for free download: They will not be charging any royalties or flat fees for such services. This is a great victory, and it shows that ICEL and the bishops have a far more reasonable view of Intellectual Property than I had thus far given them credit for.

This decision effectively emancipates the creativity of composers everywhere who wish to make musical settings of the new translation of the liturgy. Anyone can now compose and publish; no one need gain the favor of one of the big publishers in order for his work to see the light of day. This ends a monopoly, and I hope it also begins an era of artistic renaissance.

Pete Seeger on public education

Seeger brings a poetic approach to the pernicious ideas which are taught in State schools in America. My heart goes out to the students that must return to their cell blocks sometime in the next few weeks. Would that we had a real education system which taught them how to think (you know….stuffy stuff like dialectic and rhetoric) rather than what to think. Thanks to Lew Rockwell.

Hillary supporters entertain America with their implosion

Read the comment section of this story.  This is what the politics of demographics will get us.  I heard some clown that the local Philadelphia news interviewed on Saturday night about the selection of Joe Biden for the VP pick say that Hillary was “more qualified” and that she was hoping “for a woman…..”  It was said as if “qualified” and “woman” were indivisible.  As a friend of mine said, these people are playing into every bad stereotype about women that there is.  I know many women who have helped me look at problems dispassionately and creatively; these vocal Hillary supporters are not it, and they are not only an embarrassment to women, but to humanity as a whole.

Racial dynamics cannot be ignored here, either.  One crazy old woman went nuts at the infamous Democratic rules committee meeting in Florida in May, saying that she’d cross over to vote for John McCain and “not for some inadequate black man.”

Ultimately, one cannot be surprised at all this.  The hyper democratic-socialist attitude in this country has pitted various sectors of society against each other to see who can more successfully loot the others.  This applies to everyone.    “Conservatives” like to pretend that they are not guilty of this sin, but truly they are just as bad as the Democrats:  look, for instance, at how right wing evangelicals have lined up behind Republican candidates who promise to make essentially theocratic principles the law of the land.

The interesting thing is that the Republicans always manage not to self-destruct over it.